Wow what a week already and it's only Wednesday!

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Babies, babies, babies & a pug dog called Henry ! and the snow didn't stop them turning up in droves to the studio!  Hubby is away skiing so my girls {who are usually carted off to Starbucks 'n' Sainsbury's when I have a weekend studio shoot} were sitting watching tellie with cushions over their ears to drown out the sorrows from the tiny little people!  lol They weren't much impressed.

Yesterday I  had a product shoot with the lovely Paula, from Holistic Therapies with Paula Kemp
Paula wanted studio shots of her massaging { our friend Sofie } and her fab pregnancy massage mattress which Paula uses a lot with her pregnant clients.

Paula and I swop services - so paid in kind by a 'soon to have' wonderfully relaxing massage - yay sooooo can't wait!}   I will be beavering away at your edits very soon P!  Will blog some pics once that Paula has seen them x

As January has been a month of tiny tots - I have put together a few fav pics for you!

Dear George, Isobel, Sophia, Torben, Alexis & Nico ~ It was lovely meeting you all ~ and thank you to those who did Not pee on me! lol

Newborn shoots are not an easy shoot to pull off.  babes so small are unpredictable and vunerable.
The two main factors that are oh so very important is a full belly of milk { hopefully a good nights sleep!! and for mum and dad too!} and to be warm and cosy.

I make sure mum and dad know they can feed as often as babe wants, the session is flexible and not restricted on time. { Baby Alexis came and stayed for 3 hours last week! - that was my record!}

The studio is toasty warm { it helps that hubby is a heating engineer lol } and I have a fan heater on the go too.  We have plenty of breaks for Tea! and cuddles ( not with me though :) and we usually have a good chat and a giggle too.  After all I want to make it a special time ~ These are the pictures I wish I had had taken when my girls were tiny :(

The best time to photograph a newborn is very early on - perhaps day 5 - day 10 of life.  This is when you can mould and pose babies into those lovely sleepy positions, but it's HARD! not all bubbas want to do this and the older they get the less they sleep and the more they wriggle.

I am always so amazed when parents come early on - I don't think I ever would have had the energy. But good on them, it's a very special time to get photographed as we all know they don't stay small for long!

What to dress you baby in? well the best outfit is NO outfit ~ au natural - this enables me to capture them at their best with out any distracting clothes to get in the way.  and puts the emphasis back onto the baby, wrinkles and all :)

I have a bunch of  lovely hats, blankets, head bands, baskets, crates, buckets, bowls to use as props AND it's very handy having a family shop  to go find lovely new props in ~ I am like a kid in a sweet shop .........Thanks LouLou love ya!!

Any Knitting Nana's out there ~ I'd love some more hats! xxxx

Ok enough of my rambles - I hope you enjoy the photos and posts in my blog.  It's nice to have you with me ~ feel free to comment <3