What to wear for a session with me! Part One

Simple, solid, bold colour's are best, try to avoid pattern's, large and bold one's in particular. Avoid large motifs/logo and avoid white clothes if at all possible.
Try and co - ordinate from head to toe, selecting appropriate footware, in case they are in the shot. Children can often look best photographed with bare feet!
Darker colours are more flattering to the body, than light colours.
For group shots, dress everyone in the same style of clothes, i.e casual or formal, depending on the style of portrait you wish to achieve.
Feel free to bring any prop's with you, e.g musical instruments, skate board or a childs favourite toy or fairy wings. For young children, think about mealtimes and sleeptimes, then try to book the photo shoot for a time when they are likely to be at their best.
You are welcome to bring a change of clothes, if you want more than one look - It also helps vary the shots.