The new year is upon us................ Hope u all had a fab chrimbo!

Greetings Festive Friends!

After a very fab Xmas break with my gorge family...I feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on 2012!!! albeit a few pounds heavier! but have really enjoyed gorging myself as I have carried on my running routine so don't feel too sluggish at all!   Very different to this time last year when I was bed ridden with real life proper growed up FLU!  urgh!

I have started my list writing - and as my regular readers know ...I DO love a list! Also have made a list for my hubby ( Can't have him feeling left out!) After all he has got to put up my new backdrop that he bought me for Xmas in the studio zone of my abode!

I will be advertising my new prices on the 1st Jan 2012 and I expect I will write a post justifying my price hike! It's been a few years and I really need to start charging for my time and not just the hour I shoot! after all that's when I put in the hours - editing!!

Here are a few pics from my family Xmas ....happy New year to y'all XXX

The IPOD TOUCH !!! Best prezzie EVER apparently!

Have a safe and happy New Year all!!! Wonder if I'll make it to midnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?