Sunshine & Smiles ~ Family Photographer Esher, Surrey

It was a delight to meet this lovely family from Esher.  Mum was given a voucher for a birthday gift from family.  This is something that she has wanted to do for a long time.  We met on a glorious sunny ( if not a tad windy!) and went to a stunning local beauty spot. It was mid morning and we had the place to ourselves.  Armed with treats and toys for the children - we wondered around stopping at particular spots that took our fancy.  The middle daughter had such wonderful ideas about where we could go, who should be in the photos etc .  Seriously great ideas! I am considering giving her an apprenticeship as my assistant!  Family photography should be fun and exciting ~ a mixture of fun and some posed photos.  It shouldn't be something that you dread!  This family bought all the images on a usb stick to share and print to heats desire.  The family had this to say....... "Thank you so much for your efforts with the photos they are fantastic - They are wonderful! We are all so happy" lifestyle photographer surrey 2015-05-31_00322015-05-31_00332015-05-31_00342015-05-31_00352015-05-31_00362015-05-31_00372015-05-31_00382015-05-31_00392015-05-31_00402015-05-31_00412015-05-31_00422015-05-31_00432015-05-31_00442015-05-31_00452015-05-31_00462015-05-31_00472015-05-31_00482015-05-31_00492015-05-31_00502015-05-31_00512015-05-31_00522015-05-31_00532015-05-31_00542015-05-31_00552015-05-31_00562015-05-31_00572015-05-31_00582015-05-31_0059