Gorgeous Baby T's Lifestyle session ( Newborn Photographer- Shepperton)

I just love doing newborn shoots at my client's home... especially when they are as gorgeous as Baby T's.   Seriously every corner I turned I was like ."Ooooh love that , where's that from !"  It was a dark dingy day full of rain and dampness but you would have never of know from this gallery of images. Baby T was a start from beginning to end ( as was the cat!).  Newborn photography from £95 please contact me for more details. Newborn photography Shepperton2015-11-18_00022015-11-18_00032015-11-18_00042015-11-18_00052015-11-18_00062015-11-18_00072015-11-18_00082015-11-18_00092015-11-18_00102015-11-18_00112015-11-18_00142015-11-18_00152015-11-18_00162015-11-18_0017

Brand new world { Twickenham Newborn Photography}

Twickenham was in full spring mode when I went last month to meet this gorgeous 9 day new baby boy at home in Twickenham. I had met Mum at her Maternity shoot - You can see the blog post here .  Baby T was so good and relaxed and slept the entire session!  Mum hadn't set foot outside with baby since he was born ~ But it was such a glorious sunny day we wandered around the beautiful communal gardens where they lived and enjoyed the lovely light and blossom. ( My fave) . 2015-05-14_00472015-05-14_00482015-05-14_00492015-05-14_00502015-05-14_00512015-05-14_00522015-05-14_00532015-05-14_00542015-05-14_00552015-05-14_00562015-05-14_00572015-05-14_00582015-05-14_0059