New Year Musts!

I have been thinking about My New Years post for a week or two, and it seems that all of my fellow photogs are also on the same page as me!

My "must" this year is to actually feature ME in more photo's from now on!

I am obviously the main photo taker in this house - whether it be on holiday, at a christening or even just a walk in the park with cousins.   I don't want my kids to look back thru photos of days gone by and wonder if I was actually there with them!  But don't worry these are personal photos so I won't be plastering my ugly mug all over my website and blog!

Another "must" {don't want to call them New Years resolutions because that just make me fail! }
Is something I found on someone else's blog -  sorry would mention them but have forgotten where I saw it.   Anyway it's to create an Annual photobook  ( like the ones you can get from Boots, Snapfish, photobox etc)
How lovely to create a coffee table book showing off the best family photos of the year  - holidays, birthdays, Christmas concerts, kids assemblies, sports days, parties, life at home, on Nana's boat and so on

So feel free to remind me that this is one of my 2012's "MUSTS" and to those who regularly read my blog know I will definitely have it on my list!   Oh how i love my lists!  So I am creating a folder on my desk top called "Photobook 2012" where I will add my fav photos each time I download my camera.

I think the beginning of a New Year is a good time to take stock, put things in perspective and actually think LIFE aint so bad :}  Remember LOVE the LIFE you LIVE 

A Blog post always needs some photos so here are some from a recent family studio session.