I'd like to thank my parents..........................

Evening Y"all

I was mooching about this morning in Walton when I stumbled across ........... The spring edition of ABC Magazine {Surrey} - Yay it's my picture of my friend's little boy, Luca on the front! Photographers are asked to send in photos and the one they like best and fits the magazines look gets the cover! Luca is dead chuffed that he is now famous!

Louise , the editor, also asked me to write an article - my brief was photos (obviously!) and memories.  It was harder than I thought, especially it is going out in 127,000 copies of the magazine!
Eeeeeeek! I based the article on my own new years resolutions from a previous blog {read here}

Above is the proof copy of the article the editor sent me.......
Grab yourself a copy from Sainsbury's and Tesco's, amongst 100's of other places in Surrey!

Thanks to the star of the show - Luca  and also Elisa & family,  Amy & Family, Debs & Family,  Sonia & family, Emma & family for allowing me to use their photo's in the article ! xxxx

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