How much is that doggy in the window {Puppy Shoots Surrey}

This lovely creature is Ernie a 12 week old Maltese Puppy.  He was the calmest most sweetest puppy I know ( except for my boy Obi of course! ) No Diva antics, no accidents on me either. His new owner was the perfect trainer and the pair have become inseparable, following each other around the house.   If you have a new puppy or any other animal for that matter and you would like me to capture their utter cuteness then drop me a line on or call 07766142712 for further information.  Puppy shoots start from £125 puppyshootssurrey2016-01-26_00022016-01-26_00042016-01-26_00052016-01-26_00062016-01-26_00072016-01-26_00082016-01-26_00092016-01-26_00102016-01-26_00112016-01-26_00122016-01-26_00132016-01-26_00142016-01-26_00152016-01-26_00162016-01-26_00172016-01-26_00182016-01-26_0019