Family photogrpaher Surrey { memories made to be shared and displayed}


Before I started selling prints and frames I used to think a mounted 5 x 7 or 10 x 8 was nice and big! Gosh how different am I now. 
Bigger is better!  
Look at the first image - An average sized room, ( obviously don't have kids!) a canvas on a lovely bare wall above a normal sized sofa - What size do you think this canvas is ? It looks like a 4x6 or 
5x7 over this sofa but it is in fact a 10 x 8 - it looks tiny right?
Below is the same image on a huge 16 x 20 canvas - but here it looks just about right .
 You could in fact go bigger!
You don't have to just go big on one image - Say you have a bunch of favourite images you want to display.  Show them off in a group selection to make the over all effect appear BIG!
A whole bunch of different frames all placed neatly together with the same gap between them can look really effective or have 3 images next to each other - see below. The possibilities are endless!
 I have just ordered a beautiful 20 x20 Storyboard for myself -A white frame beautifully crafted with a white mount to hold 9 of my favourite 5 x 5 family pictures to show off in the studio. 
These are what I sell to my clients so I thought it was about time we had one ourselves!
Will post a pic when it arrives - v excited!
I have a number of wall templates so if you want to see what your fav pics look like together in a group or in a big ass canvas or frame just get in touch with me and I will be happy to help.
Happy Creating & remember think BIG  xx

Jo Douet provides professional family photography and is based in Surrey, UK.  She specialises in newborn baby photography and is also becoming a well-known maternity photographer, producing beautiful timeline images that follow you through the different stages of your pregnancy.  If you would like to have some gorgeous images of your family taken by a photographer based in Surrey, please visit Jo’s website: or take a look at her Family Photography Surrey portfolio.