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I am offering a special Spring Deal to celebrate my newly updated website. 

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£199 for 5 digital images 

Locals outdoors venue of your choice

This deal will only be available until Sunday 29th April. 

It's a great way to update your family photos with out having to spend a fortune. 

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Many Thanks Jo xx 

A shoot fit for a king { Family Photographer, Surrey )


LOVE and Autumn shoot.   The colours at the moment are amazing and so worth capturing!   It's not hard to see why I fell in love with this little boy ..... I mean look at those eyes !! Such a poppet!.  We had a lovely walk around Hampton Court and found some beautiful backdrops.  Mum and dad weren't too keen to be in the photo's but with a little persuasion from me we got some fabulous family photo's for their album.  Family photography sessions in Surrey and Surrounding areas from £95.00 family photography surrey family photography family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey family photography surrey



Happy Birthday Grandad ~ family photographer Surrey


These gorgeous sisters rocked their little shoot last week ! Mum wanted some up to date pics to make a framed gift for Grandads 80th Birthday last weekend ! I'm sure he absolutely loved it and will cherish it ! #memoriesaremadetobeprinted Oh Love!!! they are truly beautiful pictures!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I love them all, hence I'm going to take all images in gallery package as I cannot choose. You are so clever and captured them so well, espesh little one with her hands in pockets!!!! Thank you again lovely xxxxxxxxxxx

Family portrait shoots from £95


walton on thames family photographer 2016-06-29_00122016-06-29_00142016-06-29_00162016-06-29_00192016-06-29_00202016-06-29_00222016-06-29_00242016-06-29_00262016-06-29_0030


Drone Photography Richmond Park - Family Portrait Surrey


A beautiful day in Richmond park and I went Drone flying with friends! Such a cool experience for us all.  I even got to take the controls (of the "on board" camera luckily not the actual drone itself! ) My girls modelled for me as if I was on a photo shoot with clients. I have to tell you it wasn't as easy as Andy made it look !

We were on the only ( tiny) piece of the park that Drone's are allowed to fly which we shared with remote controlled planes, helicopters and deer!

If you are interested in a family photo shoot by a Drone then get in touch for more details.  If you are interested in hiring the Drone services by Macchina Volante please contact Andy through his website.  www.macchinavolante.co.uk



Sunny days in London {Family photographer Surrey)

I am always really impressed the lengths families go to to get the perfect family shoot ! ( although, I think it was my idea!) I met this lovely family of 5 at 830am on a glorious sunny Saturday morning, armed with coffee, we ventured to Waterloo to explore.

London is really an amazing backdrop for family photography session and made for a nice change from their previous shoot in a lush Surrey park.

Book your family shoot now from £95 Contact me through the contact page of my website or email me on info@jodouetimages.com / 0776142712

family photography surrey

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La famiglia { family photography Surrey}

Now that Christmas is over I am able to blog some of my sessions that took place before Xmas.  A lot of client's photos are used for gorgeous Xmas gifts for family and friends and I would hate to spoil the surprise for them.   This local family are a very lovely bunch of photogenic people who wanted family photo's to celebrate Grandad's 70th Birthday.  This family had the most perfect back garden for the shoot and the winter light was stunning!  If you would like to book a family photo shoot please get in touch with me through my website or email me on info@jodouetimages.com Family photography, Surrey from £99


family photography surrey2016-01-12_00022016-01-12_00062016-01-12_00032016-01-12_00042016-01-12_00072016-01-12_00232016-01-12_00082016-01-12_00192016-01-12_00102016-01-12_00112016-01-12_00092016-01-12_00122016-01-12_00132016-01-12_00142016-01-12_00152016-01-12_00162016-01-12_00172016-01-12_00182016-01-12_00202016-01-12_00212016-01-12_00222016-01-12_0025

Sweetest little thing! pet photography, Esher


I was invited round before Christmas to meet George the cockerpoo.   How adorable is gorgeous George?  We turned his shoot into a little family shoot.  I am sure these made lovely Xmas gifts for family and friends.  If you would like to include your precious pet at your family shoot please call me on 07766142712 for more details. 2016-01-11_0039


better late than never............. {family photographer Walton on Thames, Surrey }

Hello - Firstly I know I am very late in wishing you all a very merry Xmas , forgive me I thought I had scheduled this post, but clearly I hadn't!   Once Xmas came I switched off my Mac and re- introduced myself to my family again! I hope you all had a very lovely time with your family, friends and loved ones. Here is hoping 2016 brings you all a lot of love, luck and good health.

If you would like to book a Family shoot with me I am currently booking about 4 weeks in advance.

Please get in touch anyway and I can see if I can fit you in if it is urgent you need your shoot to happen asap.

Newborn shoots - best to contact me whilst you are still pregnant in order to photograph your baby at the optimum time for those lovely sleepy poses. ( around 10 days or before).

Maternity shoots - contact me asap. I like to see Pregnant ladies at around 34/35 weeks of pregnancy.

Some of you may not know I also do corporate head shots, actor/model portfolio's and Product shoots for small business. Please get in contact for a quote or chat through your ideas.

I look forward to seeing you all again and meeting lots of lovely new faces.

Speak soon

Lots of love

JO xxx


xmas card girls obi 2015

Boys will be boys {family photography Surrey}

We ummmed and ahhhed about cancelling this shoot as is was pelting it down all morning! It looked set to clear so on the eleventh hour we decided to go ahead with the shoot!  It was still damp and drizzly but I don't know why I was so worried the boys didn't care one bit!  The sports mad boys were happy to pose or kick the ball about.  We sheltered in the grounds of their cricket club which had a perfect backdrop for the grungy feel I wanted for their photo's. For more detail on Family Photography sessions please contact me thru the contact tab on my website. xx family photography surrey2015-11-24_00032015-11-24_00042015-11-24_00052015-11-24_00062015-11-24_00072015-11-24_00082015-11-24_00092015-11-24_00102015-11-24_00112015-11-24_00122015-11-24_00132015-11-24_0014

Gorgeous Baby T's Lifestyle session ( Newborn Photographer- Shepperton)

I just love doing newborn shoots at my client's home... especially when they are as gorgeous as Baby T's.   Seriously every corner I turned I was like ."Ooooh love that , where's that from !"  It was a dark dingy day full of rain and dampness but you would have never of know from this gallery of images. Baby T was a start from beginning to end ( as was the cat!).  Newborn photography from £95 please contact me for more details. Newborn photography Shepperton2015-11-18_00022015-11-18_00032015-11-18_00042015-11-18_00052015-11-18_00062015-11-18_00072015-11-18_00082015-11-18_00092015-11-18_00102015-11-18_00112015-11-18_00142015-11-18_00152015-11-18_00162015-11-18_0017

It's all about the glorious light { Golden hour shoot) Family Photographer, Surrey.

It's time for Miss B's annual shoot.  Last weekend we went to a local park in surrey at my fave time of day ~ early evening - better known as the golden hour, you can see from these pictures why it's called that!  One day I should do a blog post dedicated to Miss B and show a selection from each of her previous shoots to see how much she has blossomed into a gorgeous little lady!  Miss B is a born performer and the camera loves her.  She really makes my job as a family photographer easy!  To book your family shoot please contact me thru my "contact me" page or call/text me on 07766142712.  Would love to hear from you!  I also specialise in Newborn and Maternity shoots. 2015-10-01_00012015-10-01_00022015-10-01_00032015-10-01_00042015-10-01_00052015-10-01_00062015-10-01_00072015-10-01_00082015-10-01_00092015-10-01_00102015-10-01_00112015-10-01_00122015-10-01_00132015-10-01_00142015-10-01_00152015-10-01_00162015-10-01_00172015-10-01_00182015-10-01_00192015-10-01_00202015-10-01_00212015-10-01_00222015-10-01_00232015-10-01_00242015-10-01_00252015-10-01_0026

Twice the fun! Twins {Walton on Thames} Family Lifestyle photographer

This session was first booked on the twins first birthday party but one of them woke up on that morning very miserable and unwell with chickenpox! The party was cancelled but we decoded to go ahead with the shoot as no spots were visable on the bits of the body that would show in the photographs.  But sadly it was all to much for the little man and he just wasnt feeling up to it so we called a day on the shoot.  So we rescheduled the shoot giving time for Little Miss to also get the pox which she undoubtably did 2 weeks later!  The rescheduled shoot greeted us with a lovely summers day and lots of well and happy faces. 2015-09-09_00202015-09-09_00192015-09-09_00182015-09-09_00172015-09-09_00162015-09-09_00152015-09-09_00142015-09-09_00132015-09-09_00122015-09-09_00112015-09-09_00102015-09-09_00092015-09-09_00082015-09-09_00072015-09-09_00062015-09-09_00052015-09-09_00042015-09-09_00032015-09-09_00022015-09-09_0001

Summer fun ~ Family photo's {Surrey}

Family Lifestyle Photo shoot in Surrey  ~ This was a special shoot as I know this lovely family very well.   It is always really great fun to shoot a family you know well but it also ups the pressure a tad ! I was really pleased with how these pics turned out as it shows the love and close bond between them all.  The girls are so full of fun and we danced and cart wheeled through this session.

family photos lifestyle2015-09-08_00022015-09-08_00032015-09-08_00042015-09-08_00052015-09-08_00062015-09-08_00072015-09-08_00082015-09-08_00092015-09-08_00102015-09-08_00112015-09-08_00122015-09-08_0013


Sunshine & Smiles ~ Family Photographer Esher, Surrey

It was a delight to meet this lovely family from Esher.  Mum was given a voucher for a birthday gift from family.  This is something that she has wanted to do for a long time.  We met on a glorious sunny ( if not a tad windy!) and went to a stunning local beauty spot. It was mid morning and we had the place to ourselves.  Armed with treats and toys for the children - we wondered around stopping at particular spots that took our fancy.  The middle daughter had such wonderful ideas about where we could go, who should be in the photos etc .  Seriously great ideas! I am considering giving her an apprenticeship as my assistant!  Family photography should be fun and exciting ~ a mixture of fun and some posed photos.  It shouldn't be something that you dread!  This family bought all the images on a usb stick to share and print to heats desire.  The family had this to say....... "Thank you so much for your efforts with the photos they are fantastic - They are wonderful! We are all so happy" lifestyle photographer surrey 2015-05-31_00322015-05-31_00332015-05-31_00342015-05-31_00352015-05-31_00362015-05-31_00372015-05-31_00382015-05-31_00392015-05-31_00402015-05-31_00412015-05-31_00422015-05-31_00432015-05-31_00442015-05-31_00452015-05-31_00462015-05-31_00472015-05-31_00482015-05-31_00492015-05-31_00502015-05-31_00512015-05-31_00522015-05-31_00532015-05-31_00542015-05-31_00552015-05-31_00562015-05-31_00572015-05-31_00582015-05-31_0059

Dodging the rain clouds ~Family photographer Hampton Court & Teddington


I met this lovely lady about 5 years ago at our local running club. I hadn't met her hubby or 2 beautiful girls before and I was so pleased that they certainly LOVED the camera and made the shoot so easy for me. The only issue was the impending black clouds but I think you will agree you wouldn't know from theses gorgeous colourful pics.   I always direct clients to my "what to wear" info on my website and to my Pinterest board for ideas and what bests works.  I always think if you are going to take the time and effort to book a family photographer and invest in some beautiful memories you may as well pay attention to what you are all wearing. This family looked effortlessly smart yet casual and most of all comfortable. They wore colours that complimented them and each other rather than being to matchy matchy.   This shoot took place in a lovely park in Surrey at 10 am on a Saturday and lasted about 1.5 hours. The girls were treated to a yummy hot chocolate after as a treat for being such great models!   The family had this to say after viewing their online gallery ...... Thanks so much, these are fantastic ~  You certainly put the girls at ease very quickly, which have really helped with the photos!


Brand new world { Twickenham Newborn Photography}

Twickenham was in full spring mode when I went last month to meet this gorgeous 9 day new baby boy at home in Twickenham. I had met Mum at her Maternity shoot - You can see the blog post here .  Baby T was so good and relaxed and slept the entire session!  Mum hadn't set foot outside with baby since he was born ~ But it was such a glorious sunny day we wandered around the beautiful communal gardens where they lived and enjoyed the lovely light and blossom. ( My fave) . 2015-05-14_00472015-05-14_00482015-05-14_00492015-05-14_00502015-05-14_00512015-05-14_00522015-05-14_00532015-05-14_00542015-05-14_00552015-05-14_00562015-05-14_00572015-05-14_00582015-05-14_0059


Most loved brother - Twickenham~ Newborn baby photography Surrey

After a lovely maternity session at their home in Twickenham with this sweet family ( see here ) I was thrilled to be invited back to document the new arrival of Baby 'H', as I had done so with his big sister 'R' about two years ago - you can see that Newborn shoot here.    'R' was very loving towards her baby brother and enjoyed lots of cuddles with him and also loved jumping on the bed and being crazy!  Sometimes with newborn shoots and older {toddler} siblings you only have a small window to get the images you want.  This shoot was done and dusted in an hour. But I think the images mirror the ones I took of "R" when she was born and capture the closeness and love between them all.   Newborn Photo shoots start from £95.  It is best to book whilst you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment.  You can find out about Newborn Photography in an article I wrote recently here 2015-04-01_00142015-04-01_00132015-04-01_00122015-04-01_00112015-04-01_00102015-04-01_00092015-04-01_00012015-04-01_00022015-04-01_00032015-04-01_00042015-04-01_00052015-04-01_00062015-04-01_00072015-04-01_00082015-04-01_0015

Maternity Twickenham - Studio photographer

This lovely lady came for her Maternity shoot at 36 weeks pregnant  It is her first child so there was much excitement in her family to meet the new arrival.   Nataly wanted a mixture of traditional studio poses and we also used my lovely loft space which is flooded with lush soft light for a more contemporary feel.  Can't wait to meet the baby in a few weeks at their home.  If you would like to book a Maternity session with me it is best to book me as early as possible into your pregnancy.  I find that around 34/35 weeks is the best time to capture you blossoming bump and at this time you still have a little extra energy left to enjoy the shoot.  Not everyone is a natural model or feels at their best whilst they are pregnant but I will do my best to pose you in a way that compliments your body and your growing belly.  This is a testimonial from a past client who was apprehensive and a little nervous about their maternity shoot. Testimonial: I just wanted to thank Jo for my amazing maternity photos, one that I will treasure for life. You were so lovely and professional making me feel at ease and putting my butterfly nerves to rest. I look forward to coming back to you in a few weeks time for a newborn shoot.