A gorgeous Bump and her big sister ~ Maternity photographer, Surrey

Not long now till this gorgeous Mama and her sweet girl meet their new family member.  G came to see me at 36 weeks pregnant, looking radiant and relaxed to capture this moment before Baby makes his or her appearance very  soon.   Miss A is looking like she will make a very loving and helpful big sister.   I am looking forward to meeting the new arrival in a few weeks time at their Newborn shoot.   I am guessing a BOY! 2016-02-11_00212016-02-11_00202016-02-11_00192016-02-11_00182016-02-11_00172016-02-11_00162016-02-11_00152016-02-11_00142016-02-11_00132016-02-11_00112016-02-11_00102016-02-11_00092016-02-11_00082016-02-11_00072016-02-11_00062016-02-11_00022016-02-11_00052016-02-11_00042016-02-11_0003maternity photography surrey




Gorgeous Baby T's Lifestyle session ( Newborn Photographer- Shepperton)

I just love doing newborn shoots at my client's home... especially when they are as gorgeous as Baby T's.   Seriously every corner I turned I was like ."Ooooh love that , where's that from !"  It was a dark dingy day full of rain and dampness but you would have never of know from this gallery of images. Baby T was a start from beginning to end ( as was the cat!).  Newborn photography from £95 please contact me for more details. Newborn photography Shepperton2015-11-18_00022015-11-18_00032015-11-18_00042015-11-18_00052015-11-18_00062015-11-18_00072015-11-18_00082015-11-18_00092015-11-18_00102015-11-18_00112015-11-18_00142015-11-18_00152015-11-18_00162015-11-18_0017

Twice the fun! Twins {Walton on Thames} Family Lifestyle photographer

This session was first booked on the twins first birthday party but one of them woke up on that morning very miserable and unwell with chickenpox! The party was cancelled but we decoded to go ahead with the shoot as no spots were visable on the bits of the body that would show in the photographs.  But sadly it was all to much for the little man and he just wasnt feeling up to it so we called a day on the shoot.  So we rescheduled the shoot giving time for Little Miss to also get the pox which she undoubtably did 2 weeks later!  The rescheduled shoot greeted us with a lovely summers day and lots of well and happy faces. 2015-09-09_00202015-09-09_00192015-09-09_00182015-09-09_00172015-09-09_00162015-09-09_00152015-09-09_00142015-09-09_00132015-09-09_00122015-09-09_00112015-09-09_00102015-09-09_00092015-09-09_00082015-09-09_00072015-09-09_00062015-09-09_00052015-09-09_00042015-09-09_00032015-09-09_00022015-09-09_0001

{Guest Blog} The benefits of massage in pregnancy ~ Maternity Photographer { Walton on Thames }


2013-06-12_0010 During my career as a photographer I have been lucky enough to meet some other professional peeps ~ especially the lovely Paula Kemp from www.paulakemptherapies.co.uk  Paula wrote me a guest post for my blog.  Below she lists the reasons why you should have a massage during your pregnancy.  Thanks P xxx

The 5 reasons you should get a massage during pregnancy! Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, but is also a time of many physical changes due to the extra weight from the baby putting pressure on joints, ligaments and organs often causing you discomfort and pain. Not only can pregnancy massage be physically beneficial, but also the human touch can be comforting and provide emotional support during your pregnancy and preparation for giving birth. Pregnancy massage therapy has also been found to reduce anxiety and depression. Research shows that the babies can also benefit greatly from massage as the “feel good” endorphins released by the mother during the massage are passed onto the baby.  I often feel the babies push their backs out to have a little massage of their own. Receiving regular massage throughout the pregnancy is a great way to nurture your body and become aware of the growing baby within.  This also helps with the ability to relax during labour often resulting in shorter and easier births, less pain and a lower rate of postnatal complications. The 5 main benefits of pregnancy massage: - Relaxation

Massage induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep – When you are relaxed you will find that your sleep improves, as especially during the later stages of pregnancy insomnia can occur.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Helps to reduce emotional stress, anxiety and depression by creating a sense of well-being – as already stated pregnancy is a time of great change and this, along with fluctuating hormones and broken sleep can sometimes cause stress levels to rise.

This is ok as long as the stress is also balanced with time to relax and be nurtured.   Regular massage gives you the space to deeply relax and rejuvenate and the time to enjoy your pregnancy and transition into motherhood.


Eases pregnancy discomfort and nerve pain without the need to take medication, which is very limited during pregnancy – Massage can soothe back and shoulder pain, sciatica, cramp, sore hips especially when suffering Pelvic Girdle Pain.

As the bumps and breasts expand our backs take the brunt of the pressure, and posture can become poor putting more pressure onto both our lower back and neck, shoulder areas.


Reduces swelling – Massage eases oedema in the feet, legs, hands and wrists, and can help to avoid varicose veins from developing from the extra weight of the baby and hormone changes.

Focus Time

I have lots of Mum’s coming to me during their 2nd, 3rd or 4th pregnancy, and having a massage gives you time to focus on the baby that is growing inside of you, without the distractions of everyday life.

About Paula

I specialise in Pregnancy and Postnatal massage, and work from my home therapy room in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

I am passionate about helping to ease the discomforts associated with pregnancy and help to make you bloom!

For more information about pregnancy massage please either visit my site at www.paulakemptherapies.co.uk or give me a call on 07900-278253.

maternity photogrpahy

Most chilled out baby award goes to.........Master C {Newborn Photography Surrey}

I do love it when families return  with new additions! The W family came back for more pictures with Big brother A and 7 day new baby C who was an absolute delight!  Such gorgeous brothers!   We created a mixture of studio and natural light pictures with a combination of natural and posed set ups.  Newborn photography from £95.00. Book as early as possible as I like to see babies before they are 10 days new. xxx 2015-06-04_00232015-06-04_00242015-06-04_00252015-06-04_00262015-06-04_00272015-06-04_00282015-06-04_00292015-06-04_00302015-06-04_00312015-06-04_00322015-06-04_00332015-06-04_00352015-06-04_00362015-06-04_00372015-06-04_00382015-06-04_00392015-06-04_00402015-06-04_00412015-06-04_00472015-06-04_00422015-06-04_00432015-06-04_0045

Brand new world { Twickenham Newborn Photography}

Twickenham was in full spring mode when I went last month to meet this gorgeous 9 day new baby boy at home in Twickenham. I had met Mum at her Maternity shoot - You can see the blog post here .  Baby T was so good and relaxed and slept the entire session!  Mum hadn't set foot outside with baby since he was born ~ But it was such a glorious sunny day we wandered around the beautiful communal gardens where they lived and enjoyed the lovely light and blossom. ( My fave) . 2015-05-14_00472015-05-14_00482015-05-14_00492015-05-14_00502015-05-14_00512015-05-14_00522015-05-14_00532015-05-14_00542015-05-14_00552015-05-14_00562015-05-14_00572015-05-14_00582015-05-14_0059


Most loved brother - Twickenham~ Newborn baby photography Surrey

After a lovely maternity session at their home in Twickenham with this sweet family ( see here ) I was thrilled to be invited back to document the new arrival of Baby 'H', as I had done so with his big sister 'R' about two years ago - you can see that Newborn shoot here.    'R' was very loving towards her baby brother and enjoyed lots of cuddles with him and also loved jumping on the bed and being crazy!  Sometimes with newborn shoots and older {toddler} siblings you only have a small window to get the images you want.  This shoot was done and dusted in an hour. But I think the images mirror the ones I took of "R" when she was born and capture the closeness and love between them all.   Newborn Photo shoots start from £95.  It is best to book whilst you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment.  You can find out about Newborn Photography in an article I wrote recently here 2015-04-01_00142015-04-01_00132015-04-01_00122015-04-01_00112015-04-01_00102015-04-01_00092015-04-01_00012015-04-01_00022015-04-01_00032015-04-01_00042015-04-01_00052015-04-01_00062015-04-01_00072015-04-01_00082015-04-01_0015

Maternity Twickenham - Studio photographer

This lovely lady came for her Maternity shoot at 36 weeks pregnant  It is her first child so there was much excitement in her family to meet the new arrival.   Nataly wanted a mixture of traditional studio poses and we also used my lovely loft space which is flooded with lush soft light for a more contemporary feel.  Can't wait to meet the baby in a few weeks at their home.  If you would like to book a Maternity session with me it is best to book me as early as possible into your pregnancy.  I find that around 34/35 weeks is the best time to capture you blossoming bump and at this time you still have a little extra energy left to enjoy the shoot.  Not everyone is a natural model or feels at their best whilst they are pregnant but I will do my best to pose you in a way that compliments your body and your growing belly.  This is a testimonial from a past client who was apprehensive and a little nervous about their maternity shoot. Testimonial: I just wanted to thank Jo for my amazing maternity photos, one that I will treasure for life. You were so lovely and professional making me feel at ease and putting my butterfly nerves to rest. I look forward to coming back to you in a few weeks time for a newborn shoot.



No sibling rivalry here! Just a lotta love! Family photographer, Walton on Thames, Surrey

It was all about the eyes ! This cute brother and sister duo had the most beautiful blue eyes and the other thing they had in common was such love for each other ~ It was so lovely to capture! Mum had booked this session just for the kids and I couldn't persuade her otheriwse. But at the end of the shoot she was having a cuddle with gorgeous little sister and I couldnt help but click away at the lovely bond they shared.




family photographer surrey2015-02-14_00332015-02-14_00342015-02-14_00352015-02-14_00372015-02-14_00382015-02-14_00392015-02-14_00402015-02-14_00412015-02-14_00422015-02-14_0043

Here is to another great year! { Family photography, Surrey}

A  little late in wishing you all a very very Happy New Year !   Thank you to each and everyone of you who has booked me over the last year, I  really do appreciate all you support in helping me grow my little business!  Here is just a snap shot of my past year with some of the lovely families that I have met on the way! 2015-01-04_00012015-01-04_00022015-01-04_0003

New baby sister for H ~ Newborn/sibling/family photography ~ Walton on Thames, Surrey

Yet another family back for more! I loves it ! Master H graced the studio when he was just  5 months old  see here  and this time he has returned along with mum and dad again to introduce the latest addition to his family ~ his gorgeous baby sister - Miss R.   Now Miss R gets the gold medal this month for being the most chilled out baby and H was such a good little boy and even entertained me with some twerking towards the end of the shoot!  Newborn/Sibling/Family shoots from £95 2014-11-11_00362014-11-11_00372014-11-11_00382014-11-11_00392014-11-11_00402014-11-11_00412014-11-11_00422014-11-11_00432014-11-11_00442014-11-11_00452014-11-11_00462014-11-11_00472014-11-11_00482014-11-11_00492014-11-11_00502014-11-11_00512014-11-11_00522014-11-11_00532014-11-11_00542014-11-11_00552014-11-11_00562014-11-11_00572014-11-11_0058

Chilled out baby boy ~ Newborn photography, Surrey. Family Photography, Walton on Thames

This little man came to seem last week ~ 10 days new and such a chilled out baby! His gorgeous mum and dad were also laid back so it was no surprise Baby "A" rocked his first photo shoot! ( and wee'ed all over his dad! Thankful that it wasn't me this time!) Don't forget to book in your newborn shoot nice and early, preferably whilst you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment.  Newborn shoots from £95 "Hi Jo ~Just an email to say thank you so so much for "A's"  amazing pics :) thanks again.  We were very impressed with the whole experience and your professionalism.

L & J B 

newborn photography, baby photos2014-10-14_00022014-10-14_00032014-10-14_00042014-10-14_00052014-10-14_00062014-10-14_00072014-10-14_00082014-10-14_00092014-10-14_00102014-10-14_0012

Latest additon to the family {newborn photography ~ Surrey }

It was so lovely to see the P family again and meet the new addition to the family .  Miss Z who is 11 weeks old was adorable and the smiliest baby I have ever seen! Her big sister Miss J, is no novice to a photo shoot as this was her 3rd shoot - took to it like a pro model!

These girls are the same age gap as my girls and it was lovely to see the close bond they share already.

Newborn shoot from £95.


Beautiful Baby LOVE ~ Newborn photographer, Surrey

Finally getting round to blogging this gorgeous little lady!  Miss S and her family (4 generations!) came to the studio during the summer for a session over 2 days as Miss S decided she didn't want to sleep at all during the first session and its nice to get some of those sweet curly, sleepy poses while they are little.  This baby is very loved and is lucky to be part of a really close family.  



Studio session ~ Family photography {Walton on Thames, Surrey}

  This lovely family had had some pics taken of master S when he had turned One.  Little Miss E had turned one recently and came to the studio for some studio and natural light images last week.  The children were great fun and were on the go from the start! Its a good job I am relatively fit! Here are your images P family I hope you enjoy your usb stick filled with all the images form the shoot.

New Addition { Newborn Photographer, Surrey}

Little miss S came back to see me last week to introduce her new baby sister! It was so lovely to see her and her mum and dad again and meet miss M - who was so chilled throughout the shoot. Star of the week! Family, Newborn & Maternity Photography from £95


3 little lads ~ Family Photography Walton on Thames

These two cheeky chaps came a few years back to see me after they had a mini Xmas session ( which is like a taster session ).  But this time they brought their sweet new baby brother!  Who was a you can see an utter joy!  I managed to talk Mum to be in the photo's too - which now I am sure she is pleased I persuaded her! Family Photography Surrey from £95

Besotted Grandparents ~ Newborn Photographer Surrey

These doting grandparents booked this session with their first grandchild ~ the gorgeous Baby I.  I think you can all see the absolute adoration they have for her!  Grandma wasn't too keen to have her photo taken ( I don't know why as she is very photogenic ) But the feedback after the shoot was that she enjoyed it and felt very relaxed. :) As a family photographer this makes me happy! The family have ordered a usb stick filled with gorgeous digital images to share and print out for family and friends.

Family photography from £95.00

Please get in touch if you would like to talk about booking a session - Lifestyle or studio the choice is yours ! email me on info@jodouetimages.com, call on 07766142712 I look forward to hearing from you.


Gorgeous 3 weeks old baby W ~ Shepperton Newborn Photographer Surrey

I love meeting the baby when I have photographed the bump ! You can see the Maternity photoshoot here  The family wanted the 2 sessions to have a similar feel hence doing both shoots in their lovely light filled bedroom ! Big brother was so caring with his new baby brother and really enjoyed the shoot, even taking control of the session himself and pretending to take photo's.

Remember to book your Maternity photo shoot just after your 20 weeks scan and your Newborn baby photography shoot BEFORE you baby is due. I like to photogrpah newborns within the first 10 days of being born.  Baby W was 3 weeks old so it can be achieved later on just a little harder to get those curly sleepy baby poses.

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography


newborn photography surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey