and 'Impy the poodle' makes four!

 Happy Tuesday Guys!
Always glad when Monday is done, don't know why? ... just find it rather painful getting up and doing the dreaded school run! How many days til half term???
Last week this little bubs came to the studio with his beautiful mum. We had a 2 hour session as 'Master T' needed a few feeds and a massive nappy change! Dad was stuck at work so I invited them back on Saturday so Dad could have some pictures taken too with master T. 
It was great it as Dad came with his own ideas for poses - love that! And of course Impy the poodle had to join in the family photo too. He was very cute and very well behaved. 





                                 It's hard work this super model malarky!




Enjoy your lovely family guys - you were a pleasure to work with... Hope you like your gallery!