A Generation GAP !

I have never really felt old ....until today!

Had a lovely sibling group in the studio. Mum choose a black background and dressed the teens in blue Jeans and white shirts & bare feet - very classic and timeless, these piccies are so not going to date!

We were having a laugh, got the wind machine out, got them posing looking all cool and full of attitude, then i uttered those words that made me suddenly generations apart.

"Yeah great guys, looking fab, just like a GAP advert!" there was a momentary pause , when mum coughed and said ....er Jo, "Hollister" NOT gap!!!

Oh yea of course, how sooo uncool of me! ( they did all actually have Hollister shirts on!!)

Here are some pictures from the shoot ;)

ha ha... I need to get down with the Dudes & Betty's , such an old lady!